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EAM Coach Sports Mindset Irvine, California

Fostering Confidence in Female Athletes in Sports and Life One Step at a Time!


Excited to Share My Passion + Knowledge

Excited to Share My Passion + Knowledge

I am a sports performance mindset coach specializing in guiding female athletes to harness confidence in their sport and, ultimately, life. I encourage athletes to face their fears and create a powerful mindset to overcome their limitations. In addition to my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame, I also utilize core energy certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and certification in visualization from Positive Performance Training as cornerstones to connecting and implementing confidence in athletes.


I currently reside in Irvine, California, with my husband and four children. As a wife, mom, athlete, coach, and now mindset trainer, I have played and experienced all the roles an athlete encounters and understand the perspective and delicateness of each role. My athletic journey started at a young age growing up in a family of six kids in Southern California. After playing many different sports growing up, I found my love of soccer. This love carried me to the game-winning goal for a national championship at the University of Notre Dame and then to limited but valuable experiences playing professionally in Japan and on the US National team. I struggled with confidence despite being named two-time captain, Freshman Player of the Year, three-time All American, National Champion, National Player of the Year, and National Honda Broderick Female Athlete Award throughout my four years at Notre Dame. With all the accolades, one might be surprised about my lack of confidence. It takes a lot of hard work, focus, sacrifice, commitment, and determination to play through adversity, no matter how big or small. I understand and have experienced MANY of the same challenges girls face today; pressure, injury, fear of failure, lack of motivation, taking things personally, performance anxiety, balancing school, soccer, social life, and so much more. 

Cindy Daws Mosley, female athlete at Notre Dame college, running down soccer field against opponent.
Cindy Daws Mosley, a Caucasian woman with curly blonde hair, wearing a dress at beach with ocean in background.
Untitled design (4).png
Cindy Daws Mosley, a female athlete, standing on a soccer field at Notre Dame.

Empowering female athletes to implement mindset strategies to

harness confidence and maximize their full potential.

Everything I shared is my why and the passion that encourages and motivates me on this journey. I am committed to developing the mindset of female athletes to implement strategies now in their sport, which ultimately transfer to life skills in their future and are utilized for success in school, relationships, life, and career.


Suppose you (or your athlete) are in the midst of a mindset challenge or looking to get to the next level in her sport, together we will build on current strengths and engage new areas of development. I would be honored to be part of her journey in cultivating a powerful and confident growth mindset. I am excited to hear from you and look forward to co-creating a path toward success in sports and life.

Caucasian woman with blonde hair wearing glasses and typing on laptop while speaking with younger Caucasian girl with blonde hair in what looks like a coaching session.

Spark Insight + Inspire Growth + Achieve Potential

Spark Insight + Inspire Growth + Achieve Potential 

My mission is to work side by side with athletes to educate them on the power of their mental game. Unlike physical sports development, the mental and emotional areas often go untouched; however, they are the foundation to ultimate success and enjoyment for athletes in their sport. Once we identify their strengths and growth areas, I introduce new mindset strategies and empower athletes to implement mental skills at practice and competitions. We will work together to break down areas of their performance where mental training can help them reach their potential.


Let's Create Confidence Together

Let's Create Confidence Together

20 minute call to educate guardians on how EAM can help their athlete learn and grow in their sport and life.

Establish a personal connection with the athlete to understand their strengths and growth areas and create a custom program to spark confidence.

Educate athletes on a realm of topics they encounter through their sport. Teach them tools and strategies to build a solid mental foundation.

Join the Athlete's Journey

Join the Athlete's Journey

learn mindset tools + hear athlete's stories + future trainings and events


 Athletes and Parents Share Their Experience + Insights 

Cindy is invaluable in initiating and advancing my daughter's soccer recruitment. Cindy has vast knowledge of not only the game, but the current protocol for high level recruitment. Cindy personally knows many of the college coaches, lays out clear next steps for us to take, patiently communicates expectations for us and explains what to expect from coaches. She checks in regularly and follows up with appropriate suggestions for future action. In addition to her recruitment help and involvement, Cindy is helping Leah strengthen her mental game through visualization and goal setting. We look forward to continuing to learn from and work with Cindy as my daughter advances through her recruitment.

Kim, Parent to 2023 High School Academy Soccer Player
Notre Dame women's soccer team celebrating the winning goal for the 1995 National Championship

I can’t help but think if only I knew…

If only I knew how to receive feedback when a coach called me out instead of taking it personally

If only I knew how to manage my emotions when things got challenging

If only I knew how practice makes progress, and no better time than now to try new skills

If only I knew running towards fear and letting go of mistakes is how I develop

If only I knew effort and attitude are 100% my choice

If only I knew techniques to reset my motivation after an injury

If only I knew how to push myself harder and embrace the challenge

If only I knew how to set mini-goals that built up to my main goal

If only I knew what exactly my love of the game was so I could rely on it when I felt like giving up

If only I knew how to process nervousness and use it to my advantage 

If only I knew how failure was my chance to learn

If only I knew how being uncomfortable was when I grew

If only I knew how to focus on what I can control

If only I knew how to think, feel, and act more confident

If only I knew how much more could I have accomplished?

Often As I Look Back

Often As I Look Back


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